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The complete, full color guide to singing bowls, in large 8.5”x11” format with over 140 photos. Learn all about singing bowls from the leading expert, including the history, manufacture, modern and traditional use of these iconic instruments. The Singing Bowl Book explains the never before told 1,000 year history, connecting multiple cultures and traditions across Asia.

Filled with accurate information and many color photo examples, The Singing Bowl book is the first and only factual book about singing bowls. It includes shopping advice, playing instructions, history, manufacture, metal testing, traditional and modern use of metal singing bowls. Also includes detailed and invaluable information for collectors about antique singing bowls and the traditions that created them. Author Joseph Feinstein is creator of The Singing Bowl Museum and founder of Himalayan Bowls, the first singing bowl shopping site. Joseph is a former university teacher who left teaching to research singing bowls. The Singing Bowl Book is the culmination of 20 years work. Joseph traveled extensively in 10 countries, worked with university and museum experts, examined thousands of bronze objects and took hundreds of photos for this book. He is the leading singing bowl expert and caretaker of the world's best singing bowl collection. In Nepal they call him “the singing bowl king.” He now shares all his knowledge and special examination techniques. This is an easy to read and fascinating examination of cultural sharing through amazing artistry. Combining metallurgical research, immersive cultural study and 2 decades of hands-on experience, this is the most complete and accurate examination of metal singing bowls. Learn where singing bowls came from, what they are made of, how they are made and how they are used. Learn the difference between new singing bowls and genuine antiques with side by side comparison. Get valuable consumer advice and learn the common sales tricks. With over 140 color photos taken by the author, The Singing Bowl Book documents all Joseph's knowledge with photo examples. Includes details about the different types of metal singing bowls, advice how to shop for singing bowls, price information, playing instructions, traditional use in Asia as well as modern use in the USA and Europe. This is a useful shopping guide for beginners as well as an essential read for any veteran collector. Get the most from your singing bowl experience. Learn the fascinating history and ancient manufacturing techniques. Learn the common sales tricks and false myths. Discover the beauty and magic of these ancient objects as you journey with the author from California to Nepal and beyond. The Singing Bowl Book covers the full range of metal singing bowls, including cast brass, hand hammered bronze and antique singing bowls. Crystal bowls are not discussed.

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