Every singing bowl purchase from Himalayan Bowls helps the traditional artisans of Nepal to continue their craft and make a living for their extended families. Your use of singing bowls is a direct connection to the people who make the singing bowls and the larger singing bowl tradition stretching back 1,000 years. Further, every singing bowl purchase helps people in a very difficult situation. In 2015, Nepal suffered a series of devastating earthquakes. They are still recovering today and export of products like singing bowls are a huge help to their recovery. The economy of Nepal is largely dependent on handicrafts exports. Singing bowls are one of the most beloved Himalayan handicrafts. Singing bowls are collected around the world and each singing bowl purchase directly helps the people of Nepal. Himalayan Bowls is committed to helping our friends and long time business partners in Nepal as they recover from the earthquakes. Immediately after the quakes, we ramped up our purchasing and imported extra singing bowls and singing bowl accessories. We also increased our donations in an effort to send as much money to Nepal as possible. We offer our singing bowls at the lowest possible prices in order to help the traditional craftspeople. With your help, they were able to quickly get back to work and begin rebuilding their nation. Our trade in singing bowls directly helps this vibrant culture and the livelihood of many people. Our efforts continue to help. We have increased our manufacturing and importing and each year bring over more singing bowls than ever before. We help to employ 100 workers and their families in Nepal. Every singing bowl purchase directly helps keep the artisans employed. You not only get a beautiful product with very special, nearly magical, properties, you also get to really help improve the lives of working artisans and their families. On their behalf, I thank you. Although as a singing bowl enthusiast, I know the sound and vibration of the singing bowls is thanks enough. Whether you buy a new bowl or one of our fine antiques, the money is reinvested into purchasing new handmade singing bowls and accessories. We support our singing bowl makers in Nepal through direct investment. Thank you for your support! Every purchase matters. We appreciate you spreading the word, thinking of us for gifts and sharing the vibrations with everyone you know. Sound has a very beneficial effect. Keep sharing - the good vibrations are felt all the way around the world in Kathmandu, Nepal. Thank you, Joseph Feinstein,

Himalayan Bowls Founder