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Experience the tranquility of a true Himalayan Singing Bowl, 100% handmade in Nepal. Unparalleled quality since 2001.

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Effortlessly Improve Your Meditation

Experience the mind-calming effects with each strike of your bowl. Use our Himalayan Bowls to deepen your meditation, signal the start-and-stop of each session, or simply relax after a long day.

Craftsmanship Through the Centuries

Himalayan Bowls has a world-class selection of authentic, handmade bowls crafted by master Nepalese artisans using techniques passed down for many centuries.

Listen & Experience Before You Buy

Purchasing a singing bowl can be overwhelming—we have demystified the process by recording and photographing individual bowls so you can find what sounds best to you with confidence.

Trusted by 1,000’s of Himalayan Bowl Lovers

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Glide Through Your Day With a Calm, Confident Presence

Let the soothing harmonics of our handcrafted singing bowls quiet the mind and help you better enjoy the present moment as it is. Many bowl owners find that simply taking a few minutes throughout the day to listen to and experience their bowl enriches daily activities.

Learn about Himalayan Bowls’ origin from our founder, Joseph Feinstein:

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Rated 5 Stars by 1,000's of Himalayan Bowl Lovers 

See why so many cherish their Himalayan Bowl—master-crafted by artisans in Nepal using techniques passed down for centuries.

The Singing Bowl Book PDF Version
The Singing Bowl Book PDF Version

The Singing Bowl Book PDF Version

Discover the true history behind singing bowls from author and Himalayan Bowls founder Joseph Feinstein—with 140 photos in vibrant color. Joseph, known affectionately in Nepal as the “Singing Bowl King” and a foremost singing bowl expert from his decades of research on the topic, paints a fascinating picture of the origin of singing bowls and dispels some of the most common myths that are peddled by many singing bowl sellers today.


*please note this is a PDF and not a paper copy

Peace & Purpose

Enjoy your singing bowl with the added knowledge that you are helping more than 100 workers in Nepal continue the tradition of these handmade works of art.