5.75"-6" Golden Bronze Singing Bowl, Genuine Hand Hammered

$124 $250
Item#: HG03001 Size:Size: 6" Age:New Tuning:varies

Genuine Hand Hammered Bronze Singing Bowl, Accessories included. The world famous original hand hammered singing bowls, made the same way for centuries.

Heirloom quality singing bowls with beautiful long ringing tones and wonderful vibrations. The finest singing bowls made today, these are the real hand hammered singing bowls, supporting the artisans who keep the tradition alive. Each is a unique handmade creation: individually hammered from a disc of bronze, tuned to perfection and polished to a shine that lasts for many years. Truly the best singing bowls made today. Each singing bowl offered at Himalayan Bowls goes through strict quality control. We choose only the very best singing bowls. We have worked for years to improve the sound and finish. Today our singing bowls are the absolute best available. Note that each hand hammered singing bowl is handmade and slightly asymmetrical. Small imperfections are normal. Sound sample is an example only - the actual tone will vary. 1 free cushion and 2 free mallets are included with every singing bowl. Handmade in Nepal by traditional artisans and ship from our warehouse in Gilroy, California. Since 2001, Himalayan Bowls has offered the finest singing bowls available anywhere in the world. Your purchase supports the traditional artisans in Nepal who made this beautiful singing bowl and the handmade accessories. The mallets are made from sustainable, wildcrafted wood. The wool is hand woven. The sewing work is done by women's collectives. Even the paper we use to wrap the bowls is wildcrafted and handmade by artisans in Nepal. Every part of our business is an effort to help the workers in Nepal. It is an effort from the heart to bring these beautiful vibrational instruments to you. On behalf of the artisans and the entire Himalayan Bowls family, Thank You for your 20 years of support!

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