Himalayan Bowls, the singing bowl source since 2001. Singing bowls from Himalayan Bowls are guaranteed to be the highest quality singing bowls in the world. Each singing bowl is individually selected and individually presented to you with a professional quality, 30 second audio sample.

Himalayan Bowls was founded by leading singing bowl expert, antique expert, cultural historian, musican, teacher, Joseph Feinstein. Himalayan Bowls was the first singing bowl website to offer individual singing bowls for sale. Joseph was the first person to put singing bowl recordings on the internet. For years, Himalayan Bowls was the only place to buy an individual singing bowl from a photo and sound recording. Since our start, we have been guided by the principles of quality, value and authenticity. We offer only authentic antique singing bowls and top quality new handmade singing bowls. All of our products are sourced in Nepal, the home of singing bowls for nearly 1,000 years. Our manufacturing supports nearly 100 people in Nepal. We were the first company to institute modern quality control methods in Nepal. Joseph's many years of experience and our careful quality control process ensure you will receive a top quality singing bowl. Joseph still records each singing bowl individually and even selects the correct size mallets for every bowl.

Welcome to Himalayan Bowls, the singing bowl source.

From our Founder:

I started Himalayan Bowls out of love for these wonderful objects and the desire to share the sounds and vibrations with others. Many people comment about my "unusual" relationship with singing bowls. In Nepal they call me "the singing bowl king." I won't be wearing a crown anytime soon, but my deep connection with these historic objects has been a guiding force in my life. I have spent the last 20 years learning everything I can and conducting the only real singing bowl research with the help of universities, museums and laboratories around the world. My book The Singing Bowl Book is the first and only factual book about singing bowls. Himalayan Bowls has the singular goal of providing the very best singing bowls available anywhere.

I am committed to supporting the traditional artisans who make the singing bowls and singing bowl accessories. We sell everything at the lowest possible price in order to keep the artisans working year round. I am also selling my large antique collection at discount prices. These are real antique treasures I collected in the Himalayas between 2003 - 2015.

I am here with a clear purpose: to offer the best singing bowls and provide accurate singing bowl information. I'm known as the expert with the no-nonsense approach. I personally make sure every bowl is great quality. Listen with headphones - my bowls really sound that good! Every singing bowl is selected for a smooth vibration, steady fundamental tone, nicely tuned harmonic overtones, long sustain and overall beautiful tonal quality. You can hear and feel the difference. Our antiques represent the top 1% in the world. Our new hand hammered singing bowls are selected from the top 3%. No one is more choosy or careful to ensure quality. In fact, I was the first person to institute quality control measures in Nepal so we are guaranteed 100% good quality. Believe it or not, less than 5% off what other sellers offer is on our quality level.

When it comes to quality, everyone knows this is the place. When it comes to information, people rely on me for my no-nonsense approach. I don't spread stories but rely on factual historical information. You won't find any of the typical myths about singing bowls on this website. I caution you not to believe the many false stories spread on the internet. Himalayan Bowls has always been a safe haven for anyone seeking factual information without the myths and lies. My goal is to provide you with the best singing bowl shopping experience, for you to promptly receive your top quality singing bowls and to help you enjoy them to the fullest with honest and accurate information.

In the late 1990's, I began collecting singing bowls purely out of love for the sound. A lifelong musician, I was completely captivated by the amazing sound of the singing bowls. I started my large antique singing bowl collection with no plan to open a business. I was a university teacher and an artist, not a business person. My personal collection grew. After some time, I bought so many that I decided to sell some. My motivation has always been to seek quality and share the sounds.

While building my personal collection, I searched for the best singing bowls from every possible source. I developed a world class collection and became the leading singing bowl expert. I worked closely with antique dealers and museum experts, learning everything I could about ancient bronze and Asian antiques. My location in San Francisco and frequent travel to Asia allowed me to study Asian bronze. As I became an expert in the field, I completed the history of singing bowls, tracing the technology and cultural clues to discover their origin and historical timeline. The Singing Bowl Book is the result of my historical and cultural research.

When I first discovered singing bowls, I wished there was a way to hear the bowls on the internet. At that time, the internet was young and there were no recordings or videos online. I was the first person to offer singing bowl sounds online. The Himalayan Bowls website was an overnight success because I provided sounds and photos for my great quality singing bowls. Himalayan Bowls quickly grew to become the leading source for top quality singing bowls. The secret to our success is simple: we offer the very best singing bowls, at fair prices, with all accessories included at no extra charge. You get the best quality at the best prices, packaged carefully and shipped quickly. We charge only the real postage - nothing extra. You can get a live shipping price on the website. We ship worldwide via Priority Mail.

Now entering our third decade, HimalayanBowls.com has served thousands of happy customers. Thank you for your years of support. You directly help the artisans who make our new handmade singing bowls and accessories. Our singing bowls are used worldwide in meditation centers, schools, hospitals, professional offices and homes. We are a link in a chain of many lives, from the singing bowl artisans to you. We are joined together by the amazing vibrations of the singing bowls. I feel very fortunate to be the caretaker for these wonderful instruments and the guide on their journey from the Himalayas to you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I am personally available to you if you have any questions. You can speak to me by live chat, phone or email. We look forward to serving you. You help keep the tradition alive and we will continue to honor our committment to offer the best quality singing bowls, fantastic service and unbeatable prices.

Thank you, 

Joseph Feinstein

Founder, Himalayan Bowls