15.5" Large Tibetan Singing Bowl

$2,899 $6,000
Item#: HE01107 Size: 15.5" Age: New Tuning: E

A powerful extra large Tibetan singing bowl with some of the most beautiful and complex engravings ever done on any singing bowl. This bowl is covered with geometrical figures as well as sacred syllables, "om mani padme hung" around the outside, alternating in Tibetan and Newari writing. With a dramatic design, this heirloom quality singing bowl has a powerful yet mellow tone that rings for 2 minutes with a single strike. Beautifully tuned, the multiple tones blend together and the vibration radiates through the room.

This heirloom quality Tibetan singing bowl is 100% hand hammered and hand decorated. It is made from the finest traditional bronze and features traditional Tibetan engravings. Our top quality singing bowls are the best made in over 100 years. They have a long ringing and beautifully tuned voice, smooth vibration you can feel and a magical presence that transforms any environment. All singing bowls from Himalayan Bowls have passed Joseph's stringent sound testing. All of our bowls are excellent for personal wellbeing, professional therapeutic work, meditation, music and more. Listen to this exact singing bowl. You will receive the exact same singing bowl in the recording and photos, promptly shipped from our warehouse in Gilroy, California. Each singing bowl includes 2 handmade mallets and 1 handmade cushion, all properly sized for the best playing experience. Joseph personally records each individual bowl and makes sure each one is up to our highest of standards: Each produces a beautiful low tone and multiple harmonic overtones. Our singing bowls are special because the internal harmony is the most beautiful, they ring longer, sound and feel better. Each produces a range of sound effects and has a wonderful feeling vibration. Listen with headphones to hear the sound most accurately. Since 2001, Himalayan Bowls has offered the finest singing bowls available anywhere in the world. Your purchase supports the traditional artisans in Nepal who made this beautiful singing bowl and the handmade accessories. The singing bowl artisans keep their metalworking tradition alive. The decorative artists are trained as traditional thangka painters. The mallets are made from sustainable, wildcrafted wood. The wool is hand woven. The sewing work is done by women's protective collectives. Even the handmade paper we use to wrap the bowls is wildcrafted and made by artisans in Nepal. Every part of our products is an effort from the heart to help the workers in Nepal. On behalf of the artisans and our entire family, Thank you for your support.

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