6.75" Antique Singing Bowl in D, 17th c.

$499 $1,000
Item#: M01046 Size: 6.75" Age: 17th c. Tuning: D

Genuine Antique Singing Bowl, Accessories Included. You will receive the exact singing bowl in the photos and sound recording. More details below.

More about this fine antique singing bowl: This is an unasumming singing bowl but it holds a secret perhaps only I would know. It is a transitional piece, between the ealier construction methods and the later, sharing elements of both. The engravings are worn down but they seem to have been the hashmark style of a later piece but with the deep incisions of an earlier bowl. The shape is likewise abruptly flat on the bottom like an earlier bowl but with a nice curve on the side like a later bowl. The lip likewise seems transitional, with some signs of the earlier folded lip technique but without the telltale bulk of real folding. While the whole history is not known, I think it was made by a master of bowlmaking who had done it long enough to see various forms tried. The resulting tone is excellent, very steady, nicely tuned, balanced and long ringing. Welcome to the largest and best antique singing bowl collection in the world. These are the last real antiques available. Each was collected before 2015 and all are 100% genuine antiques, over 100 years old. Every antique singing bowl offered at Himalayan Bowls was authenticated and hand selected by company founder, Joseph Feinstein. Joseph traveled to Nepal for many years, sourcing the very best antique singing bowls. These are the last and best of Joseph's 20 years collecting. Each is a museum quality treasure. We ran out of "normal" antiques in 2019. The antique singing bowls offered now are the best we've ever offered. Each was part of The Singing Bowl Museum collection, representing the best 1% of all singing bowls ever made. These are the best of the best singing bowls. Joseph put them aside for several years with the intention of opening a physical museum. Those plans are less likely, so they are now up for sale. Each antique singing bowl from Himalayan Bowls was hand selected for its authentic age, great condition, beautiful sound and smooth vibration. Cushion and mallets are included as pictured. Every singing bowl on the website is in stock and ready to ship. They ship promptly from our warehouse in Gilroy, California. You will receive the exact singing bowls you see and hear in the photos and sound recordings. Joseph personally photographs and records each one. Each bowl is recorded with a simple tap and no effects to altar the sound. There are no digital tricks - our bowls really sound this great. We offer the best sounding singing bowls in the world. Please contact us by live chat, email or phone with any questions. You will get a personal response from Joseph. Celebrating 20 years of the very best antique singing bowls. Thank you for your support!

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