11" Large Antique Singing Bowl in A

$4,999 $8,000
Item#: L01121 Size:11 Age: 17th century Tuning: A

A top, top quality large antique singing bowl with a gorgeous golden bronze color and amazing deep voice. This beautiful antique has it all: an excellent symmetrical shape, seemingly timeless appearance with little oxidation, a smooth deep tone and vibration that is instantly relaxing and musical overtones that create a full and angelic chorus. A real Himalayan treasure from my personal collection. Look closely for signs of genuine old age, including minor surface damage, heavy wear and deep, even coloration overall. Still in great condition, it is just starting mid life and ready to ring for another 500 years.

An authentic antique treasure, hand selected in Nepal, this is one of the last real antique singing bowls for sale and one of the best Large Antique Singing Bowls in the world. You will receive the exact singing bowl in the sound recording and photos, plus 2 free mallets and 1 free cushion. This genuine antique was hand selected in Nepal by Himalayan Bowls founder Joseph Feinstein. Each antique was collected for its genuine old age, top quality artistry, beautiful in-tune sound and great condition. Joseph traveled to Nepal to select each antique singing bowl. These fine antiques are the last of our 20 year antique collection. Each is a museum quality treasure, as described above. Joseph personally records, photographs and describes each bowl himself: Listen with headphones to hear the real sound. Since 2001, Himalayan Bowls has offered the finest antique singing bowls in the world. These are the last and best of the collection.

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