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Would you like to make some extra Christmas money while doing good? You can earn a real side income just by sharing a link to my website. We pay 20% commission for every referral to Himalayan Bowls. With an average purchase of $200 and many people spending $1,000 or more, some of my affiliates make thousands - my bowls really sell. It’s not only an easy way to make money, you’re also helping our family of traditional artisans in Nepal who depend on us to survive. We support multiple crafts in addition to the metalworkers: also traditional thangka artists who decorate the bowls, paper makers who make the wildcrafted paper we wrap the bowls with, shepherds and weavers who make the handmade cloth on our mallets, sheltered women who sew our cushions in a safe collective, even woodcutters who sustainably harvest the wood for our mallets. It’s all an effort to support the traditional artisans of Nepal. For more than 20 years, Himalayan Bowls has been the singing bowl leader. Join us in spreading the beautiful sounds of the singing bowls while helping dozens of families make a living. Sign up here and start sharing your personal link to start earning your 20%:
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