Celebrating 20 years

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Himalayan Bowls History:

The first singing bowl shopping site

Himalayan Bowls was the first website where you could listen to singing bowls and shop for individual singing bowls online. Now celebrating 20 years, Joseph still records every singing bowl himself and does the final quality check personally. We have continued to improve the quality of our new singing bowls. The antiques currently offered are the last and best in 20 years. Each is a real Himalayan treasure, hand selected by Joseph in Nepal for the best sound, condition and old age.

celebrating 20 years

The Best Singing Bowls Ever

Himalayan Bowls supports traditional artisans who continue to improve their skill. Our singing bowls are well known for beautiful sounds and smooth vibrations. The singing bowls we offer today are the best in our 20 year history. In fact, they are the best made in over 100 years. Joseph still records and photographs every singing bowl so you can choose your favorites. You always receive the exact singing bowls in the photos and recordings.

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